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1. Car device
2. Recommendations about operation
2.1. Safety regulations and recommendations
2.2. Car running in
2.3. Car operation during the guarantee period
2.4. Preparation of the car for departure
2.4.1. Car filling by gasoline
2.4.2. Jack use
2.4.3. Car towage
3. Malfunctions in a way
4. Maintenance
5. Engine
6. Transmission
7. Running gear
8. Steering
9. Brake system
10. Electric equipment
11. Body
12. Appendices
13. Electric equipment schemes



2.4.1. Car filling by gasoline

It be required to you: the canister with the gasoline, a special funnel for the mouth of a fuel tank having narrowing, excluding filling by etilirovanny gasoline.

Tips of refueling guns of columns for etilirovanny gasoline (a column of an old sample with strelochny indexes) had increased diameter. Therefore for an exception of casual filling diameter of a bulk mouth is executed by such gasoline smaller, than at tips of guns of these columns, therefore, and the tip of a funnel should be small diameter.

Apply unleaded gasoline with octane number not below 92. Gasoline application with smaller octane number can result in malfunction of the engine.
Do not smoke and do not use open fire during filling.

Good advice
If at filling station where you expected to fill the car, just merged fuel from a fuel truck, it is better to look for other column or to return in some hours. The matter is that not all columns are equipped with good filters of cleaning and time that all dirt settled in gasoline on a bottom of the tank of filling station is necessary. Fill the car at the checked filling stations. The capacity and durability of the engine directly depend on quality of gasoline.
The gasoline which has got on a detail of a body, at once wipe a pure rag.
When filling do not use plastic canisters or capacities as there is a danger of emergence of a spark because of a static electricity.

The stopper of a fuel tank is located on the right back wing under a folding cover and equipped with the lock.
1. For an unblocking of the lock insert a key into a well of the lock and turn counter-clockwise.
2. Turn a stopper of a fuel tank counter-clockwise...

As pairs of fuel can create an elevated pressure in a tank, turn on a stopper of a bulk mouth slowly. It will allow to balance pressure in a tank with the atmospheric. If you see the steam leaving from under a stopper, or will hear a hissing sound, stop to turn on a stopper and wait, while these sounds will not stop. Otherwise fuel can be splashed out from a tank.

3.... remove it...
4.... also fix on a folding cover.
5. Insert the gun of a fuelling column into a bulk mouth of a fuel tank and fill the car. If you fill the car from the canister, before filling insert into a mouth of a fuel tank a funnel and fill in gasoline from the canister.
6. After filling wrap a stopper clockwise before click. The stopper is supplied with the limiter of the moment of a wraparound therefore after click it will be turned.
7. For prevention of an otvorachivaniye of a stopper it is possible to block its lock, having turned a key clockwise.
8. Close a cover of the hatch of a bulk pipe and remove begin to flow gasoline rags.

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