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1. Car device
2. Recommendations about operation
3. Malfunctions in a way
3.1. The engine is not got
3.2. Malfunctions of system of injection of fuel
3.3. Idling was gone
3.4. Interruptions in operation of the engine
3.5. Diagnostics of a condition of the engine on appearance of spark plugs
3.6. The car moves breakthroughs
3.6.1. Breakthrough at the moment of a start of motion
3.6.2. Breakthroughs at dispersal
3.6.3. Breakthroughs at the established movement
3.7. The car is badly dispersed
3.8. The engine decayed during movement
3.9. Pressure of oil fell
3.10. Engine overheat
3.11. The storage battery is not recharged
3.12. Engine start-up from external sources of a current
3.13. Malfunctions of electric equipment
3.14. There were extraneous knocks
3.15. Problems with brakes
3.16. Wheel puncture
4. Maintenance
5. Engine
6. Transmission
7. Running gear
8. Steering
9. Brake system
10. Electric equipment
11. Body
12. Appendices
13. Electric equipment schemes



3.6.2. Breakthroughs at dispersal

The reason of breakthroughs at dispersal can be, as well as in the previous case, insufficient pressure of fuel in a fuel stage. The electronic control unit the engine, having received from the sensor of provision of a butterfly valve a signal about intensive opening of a zaslonka on a big corner, aspires to increase as much as possible supply of fuel, but because of the lowered pressure of fuel of unable it to make. The reasons of such phenomenon and a way of check see in subsection «Breakthrough at the moment of a start of motion».

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3.6.1. Breakthrough at the moment of a start of motion
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3.6.3. Breakthroughs at the established movement