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1. Car device
2. Recommendations about operation
3. Malfunctions in a way
4. Maintenance
5. Engine
6. Transmission
6.1. Coupling
6.1.1. Features of a design
6.1.2. Possible malfunctions of coupling, their reason and ways of elimination
6.1.3. Removal and coupling installation
6.1.4. Replacement of a cable of a drive of switching off of coupling
6.1.5. Removal, repair and installation of pedal knot
6.2. Transmission
6.3. Drives of forward wheels
7. Running gear
8. Steering
9. Brake system
10. Electric equipment
11. Body
12. Appendices
13. Electric equipment schemes



6.1.5. Removal, repair and installation of pedal knot

The pedal knot represents the folding design uniting on the general arm of a pedal of coupling, a brake and management of a butterfly valve. At emergence of a scratch or jamming of pedals, and also at breakage of returnable springs of pedals remove pedal knot for greasing of rubbing surfaces or for replacement of details.
It be required to you: all tools necessary for removal of a steering column, and also a key «on 13», пассатижи, small beards, a hammer.
1. Disconnect a block of a plait of wires from the stoplight switch, having compressed clamps of its fastening.

If remove pedal knot for replacement, remove from it the stoplight switch (see. «Replacement of the switch of a stoplight»).

2. Remove a steering column (see. «Removal and installation of a steering column»).
3. Disconnect a fork of a pusher of the vacuum amplifier of brakes from a brake pedal (see. «Replacement of the vacuum amplifier of brakes»).
4. Unscrew three nuts by which are at the same time attached to a front board the vacuum amplifier of brakes and an arm of the pedal knot, one nut of the left lateral fastening of an arm...
5.... and also nut of the top fastening of an arm.
6. Disconnect cables from a pedal of management of a butterfly valve (see. «Adjustment and replacement of a cable of a drive of a butterfly valve»)...
7.... and from a coupling pedal.
8. Unscrew two nuts of the bottom fastening of an arm of pedal knot to a front board...
9.... also remove pedal knot.
10. For removal of pedals of coupling and a brake hook a screw-driver...
11.... also remove a clamp of an axis of pedals.
12. Remove from an axis a coupling pedal...
13.... its returnable spring...
14.... and remote plug.
15. Take an axis of pedals, remove from an arm a brake pedal...
16.... also remove from a pedal the remote plug...
17.... and returnable spring.
18. Remove a cracker of a servomechanism of a pedal of coupling...
19.... and its spring.
20. Remove a clamp directing a servomechanism...
21.... also remove from an arm axis directing and its remote washer.

Pedal of a drive of a butterfly valve remove only in urgent cases as its axis is in addition fixed in an arm by welding.

22. If it is required to remove a drive pedal a butterfly valve, remove in any available way a welding seam (see the note above), having hooked a screw-driver...
23.... remove a clamp of its axis, take an axis from arm and pedal openings and remove a pedal.
24. In need of replacement of plastic plugs of pedals выпрессуйте them from eyes of pedals an opravka of suitable diameter (for example, a head from a tool kit). Press new plugs upside-down.
25. Collect pedal knot, having replaced:
– the worn-out or damaged remote plugs;
– lost elasticity or the broken returnable springs of pedals;
– cracker...
... and strongly pressed out spring of a servomechanism.

Before assembly all rubbing surfaces of axes, plugs and springs grease with konsistentny greasing, for example Litol.

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