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1. Car device
2. Recommendations about operation
3. Malfunctions in a way
4. Maintenance
5. Engine
6. Transmission
7. Running gear
8. Steering
9. Brake system
10. Electric equipment
11. Body
11.1. Features of a design
11.2. Possible malfunctions of a body, their reason and ways of elimination
11.3. Removal and installation of facing of a radiator
11.4. Removal, dismantling and installation of bumpers
11.5. Removal and installation of mudguards of wheels and podkrylok
11.6. Removal and installation of a forward wing
11.7. Removal and installation of a lattice and facing of a box of airinflow
11.8. Cowl
11.9. Lateral doors
11.10. Back door
11.11. Removal and installation of a cover of the hatch of a bulk pipe of a fuel tank
11.12. Seats
11.13. Removal and installation of facing of a tunnel of a floor
11.14. System of passive safety (SRS)
11.15. Removal and installation of external rear-view mirrors
11.16. Removal and installation of casings of a steering column
11.17. Dashboard
11.17.1. Features of a design
11.17.2. Removal, dismantling and dashboard installation
11.18. Heater and conditioner
11.19. Salon fittings
11.20. Screen wiper of a wind window
11.21. Replacement of a motionless glazing of a body
11.22. Care of a body
12. Appendices
13. Electric equipment schemes



11.17.1. Features of a design

Fig. 11.1. Dashboard: 1–combination of devices; 2–safety cushion of the forward passenger; 3–ware box; 4–overlay of the central console of the dashboard; 5–block of switches; 6–audiosystem block; 7–the shelf for small things

The dashboard (fig. 11.1) has the folding design consisting of the decorative panel and a framework.
The decorative panel represents the formed plastic detail attached by rivets to a steel framework. By means of demountable elements control devices, governing bodies are attached to the decorative panel by the car and system of heating (conditioning) and ventilation, the slips closing knots, located under the dashboard, nozzles of system of heating and conditioning, ware boxes.
The framework of the dashboard consists of steel fittings and will fit a polymeric film. The framework is attached by bolts, screws and nuts to forward racks and the body basis. Air lines of system of heating (conditioning) and ventilation are attached to a framework of the dashboard.

In the dashboard the safety cushion of the forward passenger is established. Unqualified removal of the dashboard or repair of separate its knots can cause unexpected operation of a pillow that, in turn, can lead to traumas.

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11.17. Dashboard
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11.17.2. Removal, dismantling and dashboard installation